Congratulations! You have found our Commissions page! Before e-mailing us about a commission, please read the Terms of Service Below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Interested in Commissioning us? Please send us an e-mail:

Terms of Service

  1. We reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
  2. With the exception of sketch commissions, we require a half up front payment and half after completion
  3. We have a three-revision policy, which means we will allow up to three changes on the art, character, or any adjustments needed on the final art.
  4. Paypal Only!
  5. Prices vary based on complexity. When requesting a commission, please provide a detailed reference of your character and be as specific as you can on what you want. We will contact you as far as questions or concerns we may have, but otherwise we will use artistic license to fill in the blanks. A sketch commission may be more expensive than the base price if your character is very complex or has other attributes that require more than the base process.
  6. Turn around time can range from 1-2 weeks. Ajah works full time so traditional commissions may take longer. If you need yours by a certain time PLEASE LET US KNOW!
  7. You are free to use the art we create for you as icons, graphics for your website, anything for your personal use. You may not resell it or reproduce it for commercial use. You may repost it in your gallery with proper credit to us as the original artists. If you have questions or comments about this rule please contact us privately.
  8. If your commission request is of a nsfw nature, please ask us first if it is something we would be willing to draw. Please refer to the notes below to see what we will/will not draw up front.

Stuff we will draw:

  • We draw humans, anthro/furry, animals, and fantasy based stuff.
  • Ajah will draw light guro and soft nsfw.
  • Dennis will draw nsfw and kink related stuff.
  • Fan art

Stuff we will NOT draw:

  • Cub or Scat/Watersports stuff
  • Anything relating to violence or hate crimes, racism, or abuse
  • We will not draw anything nsfw or kink related that is of a theme we are uncomfortable with.
  • We will not replicate another artists style.
  • As of this point Ajah won’t draw mech stuff.

*** Please read our price list carefully and consider which one of us you would like to do the original lineart or style. Dennis and Ajahli have two different base styles (Ajahli is more manga/anime based while Devillo has more of an edgy cartoonist style). If you don’t have a pre-requisite we will do what we find most comfortable and to suit our strengths and preference. ***