Hey there! Long time, no news post!!

This past weekend we attended Anime Blues Con, here in Memphis, and it was a blast! We met so many people and sold a lot of stuff, and because of that we have booked a few more upcoming conventions!

We’re grateful to everyone who stopped by the table to buy something of ours, look through our artwork, talk to us, or welcome us back. It’s been a long while since Ajahli has been at a local convention selling her work, and it was Dennis’s first con selling work here in the States! Thank you for commissioning us, thank you for visiting, thank you for paying your respects to Shiro who we hope will be back in Voltron season 3. We absolutely enjoyed and appreciated everything and we hope to come back next year!

Our convention line up for the rest of the year (2017) is, as follows:

Along with these cons, we have a lot of things in store, so we you guys will enjoy it! If you like what we do, maybe consider joining us on Patreon as well?

See you again soon!