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-For People following the TCOWVoltron comic

-For People following the TCOWVoltron comic published on

I’m giving it a rest and I’m going to write it as a fic instead. I tried really hard to do another webcomic project, because I wanted to try comics again but, realistically, I just can’t. And I don’t want it to sit unfinished on the internet. Because I’m a perfectionist. WHOO~!

Anyway! I’m going to post the written version on AO3 and, if I have time I’ll do illustrations for it. It’s not just this project, in fact some of my original projects I’m changing to be kind of like Illustrated novels because I do enjoy writing more!  The website is currently down, but I’ll update it with a redirect soon.

Thanks for reading and for your comments. I hope you’ll enjoy the written version just as much!