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Update Day Change

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Hey guys! Just letting you all know I am changing my update day to Sunday. This is because I have Sundays off and it’s really hard to coordinate during the week especially when my work schedule requires me to work a majority of the day and a majority of the week. So, in order to update on time and to give myself enough time to work on pages, updates will moved from Tuesday to Sunday. Not that I was really strict on my Tuesdays anyway, but the first part of the week is usually guaranteed that I am going to be at work most of the time.

Thanks for reading! See you all on Sunday!

This week’s update

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alrriiiiight let’s try news updatey posts!!

UHH. Update this week will be on Friday. I had initially wanted it to be today but I got caught up in enjoying the holidays with the family so I didn’t get the page finished in time.  Ah well. Updates will come no matter what! Just… not always on the same day OTL

It’s getting a bit harder for me to produce pages, and I don’t mean in a sense of time management or whatever, although that is kind of part of it. I usually take a hiatus at Christmas time because work gets so busy, so that I can build up a buffer, but I was already on hiatus for so long I tried to keep it going. Guess I’m not doing so great at it.  Either way, it’s just kind of taxing, I guess just because I don’t have the energy. I’m hoping now that the new year is upon us, work will slow down a bit, I will be less tired and stressed, and I will feel like putting a lot of work into things.

Also the one who voted “DONT CARE” on my poll, shame shame!! Although, I can’t blame you seeming as how it is taking me forever to actually get to it. HEH. But when I do, it will be GLORIOUS~ Or lame. IDK!

Anyway, see you guys Friday.

Free Comic Book Day and some updates~

Free Comic Book Day and some updates~ published on No Comments on Free Comic Book Day and some updates~

Hi everyone!  Well, since a page didn’t go up this week I figured a news post was in order. I should probably get better at doing that but I’m never sure who sees what. I guess I will implement a new “harass everyone to read my blog” policy? Who knows…

I got back from Free Comic Book Day not too long ago. I sat with my fellow MSCA buddies and we promoted the group and our stuff.  I have to say I really do appreciate having a support system, artists who want to promote themselves as well as each other, and make it somehow in this big scary world of comics! (Okay maybe not so scary).  Thanks to anyone who came out to the Comic Cellar to talk to us and meet us, thanks to anyone who dropped by to say hi and who might be reading GRS after they picked up a postcard from my end of the table.  If you like to draw comics and you live in the area (or visit often), we meet on the first Thursday of every month (the 31st of May this month too actually)  and our awesome President, Chris Jowers, has a lot of big plans for the group for this year!  We have a broad range of comic people, from creators, to writers, to those who just love comics, and anyone is welcome to come out and talk to us!

Now for news~

I am working hard to have Issue #4 and Volume #1 for Anime Blues Con this June. (I am also doing a couple panels! Y-yay!).  I apologize for pushing back the release date so much but eh. That’s really a personal story not for the internet. However!  I am working on making my books available to readers who may not be local.  I have a few things to figure out in terms of shipping costs and etc. and the easiest way to make it possible for people to buy them, but I am working on it!  I am also going to set up a little donation button on the sidebar here pretty soon, so if you like the comic and want to support it in other ways, you can always drop in some spare change. I’ll have some kind of reward available (a high res wallpaper perhaps??) and anything I collect from the tip jar will go towards funding the website or printing. (anything that needs doing, basically). I may do a commission drive later this summer, because I need a new computer, but stay tuned for that.  I need to make sure I have the time.

Lastly, I have a forum!  We have a few cool active members and we would like more to talk to! So if you want to talk about the comic, or anime, or post your art, or whatever, please drop by and see us!

That’s all for now folks!  The new page will be up next week~

Oh it’s 2012!

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I was actually on my way to write a blog post when I noticed people are raging excited for GRS to get going again xD  So okay, you ninnies here’s the low down!

Next week I will be posting the contest winners. The week after that I will (hopefully) start updating again.   At the start of February I will send Volume #1 into its printing process. And send the awards to the winners!

*checks list* yeah I think that is everything.

As to the reason why getting started again has lagged behind… I forgot about inventory at work.  Which means, we spend a week counting everything in the dang store, then spend the following Sunday counting the rest when the store is devoid of customers.  That is next week (oh god help me).  There has also been some RL drama whiiiich I am not inclined to talk about the internet. But I promise you I have been gearing up for this. I have stories, I have new characters, I have cameos and contest winners… AND CONVENTIONS.  Well.. one convention but I’m hoping for a second!!

I should also mention that in case it isn’t obvious, I have problems keeping multiple places updated BUT! If you would like to keep even MORE in touch, there is the GRS DeviantArt club where I have been posting micro blogs and pestering people, and there is also my public twitter and facebook (oh and a GRS one)where I wander around and act stupid update when I have things on the roll. And also where I spend most of my time because, hey, outside of work I have little to no social life. YAY.

Also I should mention if anyone wants to contribute fan art to the first Volume, you have until the beginning of February to send them in!  If not, there is always Volume #2!

OKAY. That’s all for now. Just hang in tight there, folks! And keep those torches and pitchforks held high! I’m gunna need the motivation!!! <3


P.S. How did I not hear about this mob meeting?? I bet you guys ordered out too. JERKS.

ISSUE #3!!!

ISSUE #3!!! published on No Comments on ISSUE #3!!!



SO LIKE… you guys should totally get one! Especially if you see me at cons, because then you get to see me in person and watch my eyes tear up with gratitude. It’s totally embarassing.

I should also mention that this Issue features guest art by my very good friend Hoska~


Issue #3 is $6

if you would like one, please contact me: I accept payments through paypal! And I will send you a nice crisp signed copy!

Also note that the colors may be a bit different from the images. I had a local printer do them up for me and my camera is horrendous so the color on the cover may be a bit darker than the digital image.


I also have plenty of Issues #1 and #2 so … if anyone would like some… *taunt taunt*

Grim Reaper School 5th Anniversary Event!

Grim Reaper School 5th Anniversary Event! published on No Comments on Grim Reaper School 5th Anniversary Event!

Hi GRS readers!!  This fall marks Grim Reaper School’s 5th Anniversary of existence!  So you know what that means? An event to win free books!  I am currently in the process of assembling Volume #1 (aiming for a release of late October). So what better way to celebrate it than an art contest??


Also, in other news, you can now ask the GRS characters anything at any time! I gave them a formspring, which is probably a bad idea, but maybe you can make it worth their while?

Thirdly, I am in the process of getting a new printer.  There have been some issues regarding my bank account so I’m really in a rush to get my Issue #3 books printed.  So if you are here in the Memphis area, I will be at MCFC next week selling books and hopefully Issue #3! Come on over and see me! And if you dress up as a GRS character at any con I’m visiting, you get a big hug…and a book! (provided there are any left LOL)

Lastly, after Chapter 5 stops posting on the site, I will be taking a break from GRS. I know this means a lot in terms of webcomics but work will be getting very busy soon for seasonal time and I won’t be able to draw or write or post or do much of anything. So I will be taking a month long break. Plus the contest prizes include cameos, so I can’t very well have the next chapters without those, now can I? xD

That’s all! Hope to see you guys in the contest! Thanks for reading!

Let’s try this again…

Let’s try this again… published on No Comments on Let’s try this again…

Blog keep attempt: #2!! IDK, I feel weird keeping more than one blog in one place… because then I feel like I am subconsciously annoying the internet.

Anyway, this space will become more useful later on. This is mostly just a placeholder. DERP!

As always, things may be crossposted on my main site and whatever, but hopefully I will use this to keep everyone updated on GRS happenings, cons, books, contests…and anything else really.

So yeah. See you guys on le~ Tuesday