Time spent in Second Life

I began using Second Life in 2007 for a college elective class. I remember being enamored with it, the ability to form and shape your avatar however you wanted, and travel to different places and learn about different things. Second Life was a different animal back then, but it has been a constant in my life. Though I don’t log into Second Life as frequently anymore, it continues to be a source of inspiration for me. Since I haven’t been in world regularly for a few months, I do not have any specific adventures or creations to share with you, so here are some of my favorite photographs from the time spent, even in brief intervals, in world.

You can create an array of creatures in Second Life, express different aspects in yourself with interesting combinations of aesthetic and pieces.


Or perhaps you can find peace in a far off, quiet land somewhere.


Sometimes the static in Second Life is much more amusing and fun than the static we experience in real life.


You can run like the wind…


And maybe, every once in a while you will see something beautiful.

Snapshot_735 Snapshot_405 Snapshot_790

Or just have fun in general…


or learn to fly.


There really are no boundaries in a virtual world. Sometimes it’s fun to escape to hidden beaches, fantasy lands, abstract dimensions or diverse shopping malls. Sometimes it’s fun to play with light and shadows and colors. Or you can create something amazing. No matter what happens in real life or online, I always end up returning to that other life one way or another.